Hidden Beauty of Flying Houses by Laurent Chehere


Flying Houses by Laurent Chehere is a wonderfully surrealist photography series, which reminded us of Frank L. Baum’s The Wizard of Oz. The Paris-born photographer is an award-winning artist, for his Road Safety. Audi or Nike. campaign. Like many other contemporary photography artists, he one day decided to abandon the advertising career track, in order to pursue photography single-mindedly, as well as combined with his love of traveling. Since, he has traveled to Shanghai, Valparaiso, Srinagar, Ushuaia, La Paz, Lhasa, Bamako, Bogota and many others. In his own words, “he loves exploring the cities, suburbs, country, as he likes to explore all fields of photography, from reportage to conceptual image.” Flying Houses was born of his interest in architecture. With the series, he tries to show the viewer the houses’ hidden beauty, by “pulling them out of their anonymity.” The series has been showcased at Dock en Seine City of Fashion and Design in June 2012, and brought him the Prix Special.







Source: LaurentChehere.com

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