Portraiture, Landscape, Awesome Photojournalism: High Himalaya by Eric Valli






High Himalaya by Eric Valli is a prime example of photojournalism at its best. For the series, the French photographer actually lived in the Himalayas for several years. Some of the images have been commissioned by National Geographic. Eric Valli, born in 1952 in Dijon, started out as a cabinet-maker, whose life, however, changed radically in 1971, when he took his first trip to Afghanistan, and, at the same time, his very first photos. Since, he also traveled to Nepal (for the first time in 1973) and to Tibet, and has won many prestigious awards for his book, Honey Hunters. Throughout his long-spanning career, Valli has produced some incredible work and boasts a very varied portfolio. We, for instance, were mesmerized by his photo-journalistic stories (Caravans, On the Road, Children of the Dust and Honey Hunters, to name but a few). At the same time, though, his commercial work for major luxury consumer brands such as Hermes, Biotherm and Louis Vuitton also had us enthralled.























Source: EricValli.com

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