Spectacular Iran through the Lens of Photographer Hossein Zare


Through the apt use of selective focus, Photoshop, long exposure and other tools of the trade, photographer Hossein Zare brings us views of a lesser-known corner of the world. The photographer is located in Bushehr, Iran, a resplendent country, which has, nonetheless, lived under the threat of war and violence for the past several years. Through his dedication, skill and body of work, Zare restitutes the beauty and glory of this remote corner of the world. His portfolio abounds with wonderful, thought-provoking pictures of the land, its natural beauties, and its obscured people. The pictures are genuine visual gems, small contemporary vignettes that remind us that beauty can be found anywhere in the world, no matter how far away or frightening that place might seem. Check out his portfolio to view a wider-ranging selection of his work and express your appreciation—because we sure like what we’re seeing!



















Source: 500PX.com

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